The Russian van Gogh

| May 12, 2013


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The Russian van Gogh is a fast-paced bookshot length financial thriller. In a heart-pounding race against time the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam posts a $10 Million dollar reward for a stolen masterpiece now possessed by a Russian terrorist. The British Secret Service along with WWII stolen art recovery experts, The Monuments Men, join the hunt.

The Monuments Men, founded at Harvard University, dispatches female Forensic Art Detective Riley Spenser, the world’s leading expert on the paintings of van Gogh to authenticate the stolen painting. If it is truly a lost van Gogh from WWII it’s value could reach $300 million. Riley teams with MI6 Agent, Justin Watson, and together speed to Moscow and eventually to the most dangerous city in Russia to find the painting.

From first page to last the story is a gripping intelligent page-turning financial thriller filled with intrigue and peppered with cinematic action that jumps off the page like a major motion picture.

A fast-paced and gripping ride, The Russian van Gogh, is another riveting tale from acclaimed author and Emmy® nominated Filmmaker, Robert Child.

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