Mini Habits For Resilience: 10 Ways To Eliminate Your Fear Of Failure To Create More Money, A Better Love Life, And More Personal Success

| November 1, 2015


Mini Habits for Resilience: 10 ways to eliminate your fear of failure to create more money, a better love life, and more personal success

Failure is inevitable. The fear of failure is not.

How do you build resilience in your life?

What happens when your career is floundering? Or when you lose a bunch of money and don’t know how to pay the bills? Or when a relationship goes sour?

In “Mini Habits for Resilience”, author Tom Meitner explores the mini habits for success that help you understand why you’re failing and can reverse the course for you. By making full use of the power of habit in your life, you can bounce back faster and enjoy personal success in any area of your life.

Topics covered in the book include: business, relationships, small failures, travel stresses, and many more. With personal stories of his own life, coupled with tales of famous “failures” who turned into successes, Tom Meitner walks you through stress management habits as well as the steps you need to take to change your failure into success.


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