| November 1, 2015



Roan stands on the high street, dressed in a suit of armour. People stare at him, beads of sweat roll down his face. Soon he’ll be in a trance again, just like yesterday and the day before. Since he learned to escape reality, nothing troubles him. Nothing, but the insect he sees at night.

Across the city, Milo, a brash self-destructive twenty something, is trapped in the desperate monotony of his job. Married young and once in love, he’s now losing his wife and his sanity to a compulsive drug habit. He needs a second chance, and goes looking for it in the most unlikely place.

As their lives slowly converge, Roan and Milo are drawn into a sinister underworld of addiction, manipulation and murder. This is the place people go to disappear. A place that no one understands, no one but Pepper Hansell – the Magician.

Tiptoe is a stark and harrowing tale of love, loss, depression, neuroticism and fear. A psychological thriller of new proportions, set in a hedonistic and tumultuous urban wasteland. Kit O’Conor seamlessly draws you from one character to the next, leaving a trail of unnerving clues that will leave you questioning your sanity, but unable to let go.

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