Whales: Gentle Giants of the Ocean

| November 5, 2015


Whales: Gentle Giants of the Ocean

This kids book about ‘Whales’, by author Hannah Benham, uses large, colorful pictures and easy-to-read words to teach children all about these ‘Gentle Giants of the Ocean’.

This book looks just great on a Kindle or other electronic reading device with every page including a large, full-color photo together with fun fact text that is designed for early readers or for a parent to read to their child.

Younger children can enjoy flipping through the pages and looking at all of the interesting photos.

You will find that this book gives an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of Whales.

The following chapters about Whales are presented in this children’s fun, fact packed, colorful, picture ebook:

* What Do You Know about Whales?

* Anatomy

* How does a Whale Breath?

* How well do Whales See, Hear and Smell?

* Whale Sounds

* Baleen Whales

* Toothed Whales

* Are Whales Intelligent?

* Breaching and Lob Tailing

* Whale Socialization

* Where do Whales Live?

* Baby Whales

* How fast can they swim?

* How do Whales Sleep?

* Interesting Facts

* Endangered Species

* Relationship with Humans

* Role in the Ecosystem

* Blue Whale

* Beluga Whale

* Fin Whale

* Gray Whale

* Humpback Whale

* Minke Whale

* Narwhals

* Orca Whale

* Pilot whale

* Southern Right Whale

* Sperm Whale

This whale book for KIDS at this SPECIAL PRICE is only available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

I had a great time making this book for you and your children. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. There is so much to learn here about penguins in general and many of the different types that can be found all over our world.

Look out for more titles in the ‘Nature in Action Series’ coming shortly.


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