Managing Millie

| November 6, 2015


Managing Millie

None of it should have happened.

Senator Millicent Hodge wanted Starbucks but refused to leave the SUV. Her security detail left the SUV running to minimize the heat in Texas. Sam and Emma, who dreamed of being Uber drivers but had a car that quit working, were only behind the Starbucks to do a little dumpster diving when they saw the empty SUV.

What’s a potential Uber driver to do when presented with an SUV that’s ready to ride? Well, Sam and Emma call it a blessing and start driving.

To make matters worse, Senator Hodge only came to Texas to strike a secret deal with big oil to fund her Presidential campaign. Sam and Emma now have the Senator and her papers and knowledge of a sweet yet slightly illegal deal that includes the sale of a National Park.

So begins a slow chase across Texas to either save or ruin the Senator. Will Emma and Sam cross into Mexico and expose the Senator’s secret deal? Will the President send in the troops? Will Senator Hodge break down and drink a slushie? All these questions and more…..


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