Youth In Asia: The Vietnam War’s 1968 Tet Offensive In The Central Highlands: Young Men Will Change. Some Will Die

| November 7, 2015


Youth In Asia: The Vietnam War's 1968 Tet Offensive in The Central Highlands: Young men will change. Some will die.

A new story of infantry combat in the Vietnam War

Read the highly rated story of US Army soldiers in battle

After the furious battles around Dak To and the horrific fight for Hill 875, Youth In Asia is a new novella of young Americans trapped in the jungles of Vietnam’s Central Highlands in a war they did not understand.

Youth In Asia relives the friendships, loyalties and betrayals of young men in combat, and for those that survive, the memories they carried home.

Written by an infantryman who served as both an enlisted man and an officer in the military after the war, Youth In Asia is a realistic account of five men of the 173rd Airborne Brigade separated from their platoon in the darkness of a jungle night while armed with little more than M16s, a M60 machine gun, Claymore mines, and a desperate desire to survive. This war story is about infantrymen conducting air assault operations near the border with Cambodia as North Vietnamese Army units and Viet Cong irregulars are streaming east toward the coast to fight the Marines in the Battle of Hue, or south past Pleiku to Saigon in preparation for the brutal Tet Offensive of 1968 that broke the back of America’s commitment to fight the Vietnam War.

It is a memorial to our Vietnam Veterans and a war story of determination, triumph and loss. It is a story of furious, close combat in lethal firefights, and it is a story of confusion both on the battlefield and in the minds of young men a million miles from their homes. Those that survive will have changed. Forever.

˃˃˃ A portion of all earnings will go to organizations that benefit our wounded warriors.


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