10 Photos You MUST Take At A Wedding – and how to take them

| May 13, 2013


10 Photos You MUST Take At A Wedding - and how to take them

In 2006, Dror Eyal fled the corporate world, led by promises of money, excess and good times in exotic destinations. It was the time of the wedding rockstars, all you needed was a decent camera, a copy of photoshop and some awesome actions. He soon found out that to have a stable wedding photography business there were certain fundamental photos that had to be taken at every wedding.

Those images that were expected by clients, but weren’t on any wedding blogs, didn’t win competitions and weren’t talked about at the workshops. Images that ensured that the phone kept ringing, that mothers gave out your email address to their friends, images that bridesmaids put up on their Facebook pages. These are those images.

This book packs a lot of info into 10 000 words, going through the 10 photos that you must take, explaining how, when and why you should take them, and includes bonus tips. An essential read if you’re starting out in the wedding photography industry, and a good reminder for those of us who have been shooting for a while.

“The wedding photography rockstars must hate this guy”

“Dror Eyal is right up there in my Fav’s of Favs. When I look at his work it’s like I’m looking at pure magic or an artistic masterpiece. Some photographers can’t help themselves, their soul just seeps out into their work.”

“One of the best wedding photographers working on the African continent.”


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  1. I’ve had a quick look at the book and the wedding photography tips given are pretty good for beginners, but like the article says are pretty much expected by clients. It’s a nice handy book none-the-less.