Super Beans

| November 7, 2015


Super Beans: More Than Toot - Benefits of Including Organic Super Beans in Your Diet (Superfoods Series Book 4)

Why Should You Eat Super Beans?

Because they’re not just for ‘toot!’ Nutrient dense beans (legumes) can help your body produce and maintain healthy muscles, bones, organs, digestive tracts and brain functions. They are high in protein and can improve your cardiovascular health, help prevent cancer and more. You’ll learn all about the benefits of including these super beans in your diet. And I refer you to great recipes and the many ways to enjoy them.

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  • ”There is wonderful information to be had here . . .”
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This e-book is a guide to the most nutrient dense beans you can buy.

And I teach you about Superfoods because, unfortunately, most of our food supply is junk, contaminated with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other dangerous substances, so we need to be careful with what we put in our bodies. For better health, we should be eating organic, natural, grass fed or wild caught foods – Superfoods.

You’ll learn what is ‘organic’ and ‘natural.’ I’ll teach you how beans and other superfoods, in general, can be combined with different foods and eaten for the greatest benefit.

For example, you should know that most beans should be cooked or sprouted before eating. Some beans should never be eaten raw because they will cause illness. Notations in this e-book indicate which beans must be cooked.

The format of this e-book is simple, yet informative, with the list of beans in alphabetical order. Along with a picture of each super bean, there is the following information: Nutritional Values, Health Benefits, and Including beans in your diet.

AND INSIDE: With this book, Get FREE Smoothie Recipes for the Top 2 Killer Diseases!

Start enjoying these healthy super beans today! Download this book NOW!


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