Diary From The Missing Plane

| November 10, 2015


Diary From The Missing Plane

The flight finally landed. I was on the aisle seat, and most of the windows were closed. I tried to take a glimpse of the ground. I couldn’t. The landing was terrible. It seemed as if the runway was full of potholes. Almost all the passengers started abusing words towards the airline and the pilots. It seemed some trainee pilot was landing the plane for the first time in his life, and that too without any guidance. We could never imagine that the runway would be rough. When the flight finally stopped, it seemed as if the runway suddenly came to an end and the pilot had to apply sudden break. The runway was utterly dark. There was no light from the sky also. I tried to figure out. I thought, maybe the flight has entered inside a shade immediately after landing as I could figure out there was something like a roof.

Why the aircraft landed in an unknown place? Is it an act of terrorists? If so, where are they? Why can’t all the hi-tech surveillances systems detect the aircraft which has already landed somewhere on planet earth?


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