No Rain Today (Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky Book 1)

| November 10, 2015


No Rain Today (Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky Book 1)

Squirrels don’t like his rain. Cats don’t like his rain. Worst of all, children don’t like his rain, and this has the Heavy Little Cloud feeling pretty low. What’s a little cloud to do?

Our friend, the Heavy Little Cloud, comes up with an ingenious plan to keep everyone happy. Unfortunately, his idea starts to cause some trouble along the way. Get your copy of “No Rain Today” to see what happens when a cloud decides that he’s never going to rain again!

Children around the world have fallen love with the vibrant colors and fun illustrations in our Clouds in the Wide Blue Sky series. Parents will appreciate the positive underlying message of self acceptance and friendship found in “No Rain Today”.

All of the books in this series are equipped with large print text pop-ups for easy reading.


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