Closing The Gap (Dangerous Pasts Book 1)

| November 10, 2015


Closing The Gap (Dangerous Pasts Book 1)

Abused by her violent ex-husband, Lake has found solace in her work with champion Arabian horses. When she finds out a date with her longtime crush is one of the items up for bid at a charity auction, she once again takes an interest in the two-legged species as well.

The betrayal and public humiliation retired NHL player Josh Adams suffered at the hands of his ex-wife scarred him deeply. Now he’s only interested in superficial flings…until he connects with Lake at the charity event. She has depth of character and values he holds dear but getting involved with her could cost him everything.

Can two scarred people, perfect for each other, overcome their broken hearts and find the love and happiness they deserve? Or will Lake’s past, and a madman bent on revenge, put an end to their promising future?


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