Express Book Launch: How To Successfully Launch A Book And Reach More Readers

| November 11, 2015


Express Book Launch: How to successfully launch a book and reach more readers

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Launching a book on Amazon is a complex strategy that takes months to be correctly understood.

For most authors on Amazon, this has been the most challenging process of the business.

How can you launch a book?

1. Free launch

2. Paid launch at $0.99

3. Both – Free + Paid

Most of the scammers and all of the so called ‘online entrepreneurs’ will tell you that “self-publishing is a passive income stream – you only do it once and then you’re done – money will start rolling in over and over again, month after month. “

Now let me tell you the sad truth… Everything you heard is completely WRONG.

There is no such thing as 100% passive income stream – any kind of business needs maintenance, even passive ones. As a wise person once said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

Once you (successfully) launch a book, after a while, it will start lagging in sales – this means that you will slowly make less and less sales than you would have initially.


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