Love, Death, Robots, and Zombies

| November 12, 2015


Love, Death, Robots, and Zombies

Join two teens on an epic journey across post-apocalyptic America…

A century after the apocalypse, three factions vie for the scraps of a blighted world: a race of sentient machines, a mindless horde of undead, and the faltering remnants of humanity.

Living with his robotic dog in the crumbling library of a dead city, fifteen-year-old Tristan just wants to be left alone. When Echo, a childhood friend, draws him into a violent clash, however, the two of them are forced to flee into the wastes with a roving army on their heels.

Their goal: a distant Utopian enclave. Their route: a hazardous path through the zombified ruins of once-great cites, deep into territory held by sentient robots. Along the way, Tristan’s feelings for Echo grow–but does she genuinely reciprocate, or is she only doing what’s necessary to survive? Can they find a measure of peace together in the hostile ruins of a dead civilization, or is even the enclave just another lie?

Love, Death, Robots, and Zombies takes three sci-fi cliches (robots, zombies, and the apocalypse), mashes them together, embraces them, and ends up more entertaining than it has any right to be.

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