The Crabby Old Git On Exercise (A Laugh Out Loud Comedy)

| November 13, 2015


The Crabby Old Git On Exercise (A Laugh Out Loud Comedy)

Here’s what some lovely people said about Crabby’s views on Exercise…

“Excellent book, well written, hilarious. I had tears streaming down my face with laughter…..Would definitely recommend this book /author.”

“Yet another hilarious instalment from the Crabby Old Git, this time about exercise … If one person had all these calamities in real life they’d need to walk around with a danger sign around their neck! Well worth a read especially when in need of a good laugh!”

“Easy quick read…some belly laughing bits-enough to stop any silly ideas of

joining an exercise class for ever ….”

The Crabby Old Git is in all sorts of trouble as his wife, Maude, makes him join the village exercise class. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rowing machine, exercise bike or treadmill. The Old Git can’t be trusted to be anywhere near keep fit equipment.

Everyone around him, and especially Maude, thinks he’s totally unique – and they don’t mean that as a complement!

Circuit training

Exercise bikes

Rowing machines

…They hold no fear for our hero – since he is prepared to do anything and everything he can to avoid it, and he quickly sees through the trainer’s plot to give him a good workout.

The problem is, he gets into more and more trouble trying to escape any form of exercise!

Is he a pain? Absolutely

Is he insufferable? Yes

Does he get on Maude’s nerves? You bet.

Why not spend a little while in his special world – it beats the real thing!

Authors Note

The Crabby Old Git on Exercise is a laugh out loud satirical short story of around 10,000 words.

…And if you look for it, you’ll see that the story contains a naughty word (though anatomically correct) to describe men’s bits.


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