Once Upon a White Man

| November 13, 2015


Once Upon a White Man

A memoir of war and peace in Africa. From the terrors of Rhodesia’s 1970’s bush war, through the uncertainty of life in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, to the country’s final disintegration, this is the traumatic story of a conflicted young man who experiences the tragedy of his life and homeland being torn asunder. A real-life account which offers intriguing insights into the dilemma faced by patriotic white Africans trapped in the march of history.

Review: “This is a world class book. What we have here is a memoir of a wise and moderate man, who did his best to save Rhodesia from self-destruction, and tried to earn a decent living in the resulting Zimbabwe. The author’s attention to detail is as good as that of any bestselling autobiography. He remembers things that both racists and leftists would rather forget – the culture of humiliation and violence that made Rhodesia unsustainable, and the ugly silence of world opinion that made it possible for Mugabe to get away with genocide and ethnic cleansing. Even though I’ve never been to Africa, this book tore me from my political views and made me think seriously about the goals of humanity.” (Avery Morrow, Japan, Aug 2011)


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