Fondue Frolic (Function Frenzy Murder Mystery Series Book 5)

| November 15, 2015


Fondue Frolic: Cozy Murder Mystery (Culinary Cozy) (Function Frenzy Murder Mystery Series Book 5)

A new culinary cozy mystery series

Function Frenzy, a cooking show, fraught with murder!

Gina Macon is the hostess of the popular cooking television show Function Frenzy. After all of the murders following the show, Gina and the crew go on the road to the beautiful oceanside community of Pigeon Point, home of designer Liv McCurdy. The show will film at Begonia Boutique showcasing Liv’s designs and Gina’s fabulous fondues.

Brothers Ewan and Evan Starkey show up to work on the show, but once again, murder quickly finds Function Frenzy!

Gina, kitty Forsythia and new detective dog – Blinky Bill, sleuth and sniff out the suspects.

Function Frenzy Cozy Mysteries

Fondue Frolic is a fun, page turning mystery. This is the fifth book in the Function Frenzy Series. This is a complete stand alone book.

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