Hero Workouts: Hardcore Functional Workouts Dedicated to the Heroes of U.S. Special Warfare Units

| November 18, 2015


Hero Workouts: Hardcore Functional Workouts Dedicated to the Heroes of U.S. Special Warfare Units

Hero Workouts

Do you want to train to be an elite warrior?

Then Hero Workouts should be on your “must read” list.

Hero Workouts breaks through the cross-fitness confusion and noise to help the reader understand how to reach elite levels of fitness without injury. Special operational forces train to complete missions, but for a civilian cross-fitness devotee, the workout is the mission. Special operational troops cannot afford to be injured because their workout is ill-contrived. Likewise, civilians do not wish to be sidelined from their pursuits.

This book contains hardcore functional exercises and workouts. I have excluded exercises which have little real-world applicable function or merit or are more apt to cause injury. This book is intended to provide instruction in maintaining combat readiness with minimal training injuries.

The first portion of this book is instructional. It provides the reader with principles for preventing injury and maintaining elite levels of fitness. It also introduces the reader to some very specific exercise instruction. This includes the cross-fitness exercises with the greatest training benefit while leaving out those exercises which have little applicable benefit or have a high risk-to-benefit ratio.

I write this just a day after visiting a military unit as a consultant. Of the twenty troops whom I interviewed, five had chronic injuries which occurred during a cross-fitness workout and adversely affected their day to-day activities. How ironic that these men, in an attempt to improve their combat readiness through exercise, are now less capable than if they had never attempted a cross-fitness program.

This book will take the very real and positive benefits of a diverse multi-modal fitness program and temper it with science that will maximize benefits while minimizing the risk of injury.

Highlights of this book:

    • This book clearly defines the unique fitness needs of the special warfare community and how they diverge from popular cross-fitness programs.
    • Hero Workouts clearly explains the most common training risks and how to correct technique to avoid injury.
    • It contains high impact images and exercise instruction.
    • It has several dozen specific physical training workouts which are named after the heroes of the special warfare community.
    • After each hero workout, the reader will be introduced to the hero through the official U.S. Government Medal of Honor citations and photos.
    • The hero workouts are named after heroes from Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Marine Recon, Air Force Pararescue, Combat Controllers, Special Boat Units, and Army Rangers.


It includes background information about the Medal of Honor and about America’s elite military units.

Endorsement from a Navy SEAL:

“This much needed book on training for warriors provides deep insights into training principles, practical application via specific workouts, and examples of men who embody the ethos of our profession. There are two kinds of knowledge: theoretical/academic and kinesthetic/experiential. Dr. William Morgan is rare in that he possesses both. He is himself an operator, a fitness enthusiast and, most importantly for this book, a lifelong student of human health and performance, as well as a healer.

I do not base this on his biography alone. It has been my pleasure to serve with Dr. Morgan, to train with him and now to learn from him. I wish this material was available when I was 20. It would have spared me years of sub-optimal training and many injuries. I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity before you.”

Patrick S. Mahaffey

Class 118

SEAL Team One

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