$ell More eBook$ – How to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing

| May 14, 2013


$ ell More eBook$  - How to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing

$ ell More eBook$ – How to INCREASE Kindle SALES and Amazon RANKINGS

This digital publishing book is a nuts and bolts resource
guide for authors. It will help authors with ebook marketing by
navigating the Kindle Free Promo Days.

Learn How to make Your Book a KINDLE BESTSELLER:

How to MARKET your Kindle Books:
Digital publishing has opened doors for self-published writers that were not available even three years ago. Take advantage of this opportunity.

This book outlines:

*How to market your ebooks online

* How to navigate and plan/implement proven selling strategies for the best results

* How to reduce marketing costs and product overhead costs

We’ll also cover:

*KDP promotions that can improve your rankings – we’ll show you how

* KDP’s revenue opportunities – you’ll learn how to take advantage

* The art of Free Promotions and how to keep the “Book Buzz” going

Here’s to your success.

“This book will save you time and money while providing an
excellent blueprint of steps to take for publishing your book. The
amount of website resources listed will save you hours of time. I found
resources and ideas to investigate even as a non-author.”
– Anthony Wessel, retail industry book veteran of the 90’s with Borders/Waldenbooks and re-entered the eBook industry in 2010 and is also a top 500 Amazon reviewer

About the Author:
I am a journalist, so as a former newspaper editor, reporter and page
designer I thought book publishing would be easy. I was correct,
publishing is easy. Selling or finding people to read your book is the
real challenge.

Then I discovered Amazon’s Kindle Publishing platform and my book sales
started to increase. But I also had to learn how to market my books and
increase Amazon sales by using free book promotions.

Once I learned to
do that my book publicity efforts got a boost and so did my sales.
I wanted to pass that on to other authors and that’s how I came to
co-write $ ell more Ebook$ how to increase sales and Amazon rankings
using Kindle Direct Publishing.

If I can do it, you can too. So scroll to the top and buy a copy of my book now.


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