Phantasmagoria (Mobsters, Monsters & Nazis Book 2)

| November 20, 2015


Phantasmagoria (Mobsters, Monsters & Nazis Book 2)



“These days I can honestly say I never know where author Dan O’Brien is going to take readers. Over the books I have read he has transported readers into the lives of characters that definitely stick to you, pushing forward from chapter to chapter, unable to stop until the very end––and even then you don’t seem to be able to get enough. That’s author Dan O’Brien for you: he draws you in, gives you just enough to hook you, and then shows who really has the power by leaving you anxiously awaiting what he has in store for us next. If MOBSTERS, MONSTERS & NAZIS is any indication, this series will be another project in the win column for this talented storyteller.” ––Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations LIVE radio show

Author Dan O’Brien has teamed up with artist Steve Ferchaud for a one-of-a-kind reading experience that will span six short books. Blending noir, hardboiled detective stories, and pulp comics, “Mobsters, Monsters & Nazis” follows private investigator Derrick Diamond as he searches for an elusive object: a strange device that the Nazis need for their nefarious experiments. Aided by Ava Harpy, a lounge singer at the Yellow Monarch, they dive deep into the underbelly of the city, uncovering a sordid plot that is much larger than they could have possibly imagined.

In this new installment, we learn more about the characters that inhabit “the city.” Soon, everything will be revealed. Will the Object fall into the wrong hands? What is the device that the Nazis have built?

Now, it might not be a “time travel highlander romance,” but it is a series of kindle ebooks that might will surprise you at every turn. I can promise it’s a modern pulp story with the usual suspects of pulp heroes and villains. It also manages to satisfy all those readers who enjoy a little cthulhu mythos in the mix.

If you love illustrated works, pulp comics, and a little bit of Lovecraft in your stories, then what are you waiting for?


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