Animal Alphabet Search: Learn your ABC’s and 1,2,3’s

| November 21, 2015


Animal Alphabet Search: Learn your ABC's and 1,2,3's

It will be such a shame if your child misses out on this book

This book is ideal for your young child, ideally aged between 0 months and 5 years

You love your child and want to give them the best don’t you? Then why not read a book that’s fun and educational? They’ll learn their ABCs , 123s and animal names.

Every child needs to spell and count.

Every child needs encouragement, love and support to find their way in life.

They depend on YOU to choose the best for them.

This book gives you the opportunity to teach the Alphabet and Numbers, together with animal recognition, in a fun way. Would you say no to educating your own child?


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