The Last Empire: The Rise and fall of Empires as foretold by the Prophet Daniel

| November 21, 2015


The Last Empire: The Rise and fall of Empires as foretold by the Prophet Daniel

THE book of Daniel was written during the sixth century BC (approximately 535 BC) and contains amazingly detailed prophecies concerning future empires and world events.

Whilst it is true that no human being could have the ability to foretell so much detail of future history, our God, who knows all future events, has exactly that ability. God’s prophetic Word is specific and accurate and history has shown that so far these prophecies have been 100% fulfilled.

Whilst the detailed prophecies of what to us are now past empires are amazing, and faith inspiring, what is even more relevant to us in this generation, are the prophecies dealing with events leading up to the return of Jesus.

God predicted, through His prophet Daniel, exactly what world empires would arise throughout the history of mankind and also foretold what these Empires would be like. But the descriptions given in Daniel show that there is still one Empire yet to arise.

Are we seeing the beginnings of this global empire coming to power in our lifetimes? If so what does this mean for our future and the future of our children?

God does indeed give us an exact description of this future world empire and its leader. He also warns us to watch for the signs and be ready as the rise of this Kingdom will herald in an unprecedented time of worldwide calamity and distress.

But Daniel is also a book of encouragement for those who look towards the return of Jesus Christ so read it and rejoice for our God is in control!


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