Professor Birdsong’s Weird Criminal Law Stories – Volume 6: Women in Trouble

| November 23, 2015


This time Professor Birdsong uses his expertise and experience in criminal law to bring you 205 weird criminal law stories about women in trouble with the law. This is his funniest volume of criminal law stories all about women in trouble. This book covers more than a lot of silly and unlawful conduct by women one could ever imagine. Full of his witty “Birdsong” commentary and observations the book is sure to deliver some great laughs. There’s a story about the 6 foot, 400 pound woman arrested for fraud with $26,000 found stuffed in her very ample bra; stories of women who get naked and do disorderly things like steal cars, smash car windshields and who freak out in airports; there’s the story of the dying woman who asked her husband to have a replica of her vagina carved on her tombstone which he could look at instead of chasing women after her death; stories of women teachers who have sexual affairs with high school boys; the woman who called the New Haven police from a nightclub to give her a ride home; a story about a Texas woman who asks her sun to set a snake afire in her backyard and the snake starts a brush fire that burnt down her house; a story of a Japanese Madam who specializes in providing 330 pound prostitutes to men who like women with “explosive boobs and butts;” a story about an Arizona woman who was the spokesperson for the State Department of Public Safety who was forced to resign when she learned that she was an undocumented alien living illegally in the U.S.; a “drunken dummy” or two; and a wide variety of just plain, stupid criminals stories about women in trouble that make this anthology worth reading.

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