Dolphins Dancing to the Beat

| November 23, 2015


Dolphins Dancing to the Beat

Before interludes could occur, I splashed down and spluttered as water pounded against my mouth.

A sleek, gray blur dove under me, supporting me in the wet and cried, “Hang on for a dangerous ride!”

After a leap into the blue, he dove far into the deep and my eyes burned in disbelief.

Soon touching his snout to the sand, we hurriedly broke through to air again and he yelled, “Wooooo! I like crazy rides. How about you?”

Flying fish used his steady shallowness for jumping practice.

Amused by their skill, he poked them as they hovered until they flipped in a halt.

“Why do you stop our sport?” They shrilled.

“Why do you make me your sport?” he replied.

“Why do you ask why?” they hollered.

“Why do you not answer my queries?” he whined.

“We have not any response to your infatuation. We honor not your restivity. No not once do we dialect and tell you about our ambitions. No not for you to hear what we tell others on platitudes. Where is your definite place of courses? Huh? Tell only what you can!” they railed..

Bemused, he sensed ingratitude, “Oh your several scales upon your bellies cascade and between your gills barnacles attach only to break away in disgust. Lo rancid melodies play in your ears to be ignored and bravely I swim in circles away.”

After he falls into the ocean and rescued by a dolphin, Jonny is in for a wild ride of an adventure built on an uneasy friendship with Dono, a dolphin with an antagonistic attitude.. In the manner of insane fancy they converse as the two ramble through all seven oceans and even find an eighth one. In tempestuous altercations with other denizens of the seas, they alienate everyone they encounter. When they chance upon other dolphins, they change their outlook and they set about to undue all their wrongdoing to good.

This is a story set in a loosely based poetic form with a theme of a young man and a dolphin and their interplay between the various forms of fish. As they travel, a letter floats into their possession that intrigues them with its seeming unsolvable mystery. In a story that careens in absurdities, a semblance of normalcy appears.


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