Homemade Essential Oil Recipe Guide For Beginners

| November 24, 2015


Homemade Essential Oil Recipe Guide For Beginners: Personally Tested and Proven Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Recipes With Instruction

You Can Restore Your Health and Mindfulness Easily and Naturally With Essential Oils

This book is part of that Journey. Nathaniel grew-up in the outdoors, learning and practicing the concepts surrounding self-sustained environments. Nathaniel now holds deep-seated beliefs in the remedies and applications of the herbs and plants of our natural world.Our ancestors used natural ingredients and herbs to heal our bodies and to sooth our emotional concerns.

Somewhere along our path we’ve reverted to synthetic and chemical-based drugs to treat ailments and diseases.

Now, Nathaniel is on a mission to bring some of that knowledge back to the fore, to positively encourage us to change our mindsets and to accept more of what nature provides.

As an advocate of sustainable living and permaculture, he shares his research and knowledge in a series of enlightening books. His aim is to help us to regenerate our health, to boost our immune systems, and to return to the natural ways of our fore-fathers.

If this is your desire then scroll up now, grab a copy and join the thousands of others who have already started with this Best Selling easy to follow guide.



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  1. Shelly says:

    Essentials oils are really “in” right now.