Planet Of The Eggs: Grimoire: Book of Spells

| November 25, 2015


Planet Of The Eggs: Grimoire: Book of Spells

Planet of The Eggs, a humorous children’s comic book series continues with its action-packed story, Grimoire: Book of Spells.

As they tumble through yet another portal the intrepid band of eggs and Hooter find themselves in the land of Shadowgate, lair of the Sorceress Sina and her minions.

The portal also spits out Parker, little brother to Eight Hooter, an untried young warrior.

After the kidnapping of Smudge the Learned and Twilight the Medic by the Sorceress’ minions, the remainder of the bold band of eggs split up and venture into the dark bowels of Shadowgate Castle.

When our heroes go into battle, new powers are revealed which aid in the rescue of Twilight and Smudge. While retrieving the lost Grimoire, Book of Spells, from the dragon’s lair, Skink’s emerging ability surprises both himself and the fierce dragon – guardian of Shadowgate’s treasury.

With Sina and her minions on their trail, her need for the Book of Spells intense, will the gang escape her wrath with the Grimoire? Can they find a Portal before falling victim to the Sorceress? Will they elude her dragon’s fiery breath?


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