Slouching Towards Kowloon

| May 15, 2013


Slouching Towards Kowloon

Along the rain-soaked pavements of Hong Kong slinks the Revelation virus, which transforms people into ravenous, adrenaline-charged shells of their former selves, followed by a painful death.

Ruby is a remapper: one of the lucky few to be immune to the virus that decimated 90% of the world’s population, one of the brave few who ventures into the dark corners of Hong Kong to see what remains. In the wasteland of Hong Kong, Ruby finds what she’s been looking for, what her father and brother died for: the promise of a viral shelter. But the people who believe that immune blood can cure all are coming for Ruby, to take one of her only currencies in a broken world– her blood. And they will do anything to get to it.

As her memory continues to evaporate from her in the detritus of Hong Kong’s wasteland, a result of the gamma rays that surround her, Ruby knows that the only person to trust is herself, and the only chance at survival is the myth of the viral shelters that lie underground like a whispered promise. As she fights for her life and a chance at tomorrow, will she lose everything in the process?

The love child of Mira Grant’s Feed, Blade Runner, and William Gibson’s cyberpunk world of Neuromancer, Slouching Towards Kowloon is an action-packed thrill ride into the heart of darkness, where people will do anything and be anything for the bleakest, most distant chance at survival.


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