Owen The Owl’s Night Adventure

| November 25, 2015


Owen The Owl's Night Adventure: A Bedtime Illustration Book Your Little One Will Adore ( children illustration, sleep, birds,short stories for kids, children stories) (Goodnight Series 1)

Owen is a little Owl who has woken up in the evening. He feels pumped up to enjoy a great night ahead. He has got many beautiful friends to play with. And Owen will have a pleasant surprise and will learn some moral lessons that he will cherish .

Owen flies around like a butterfly and watches the adorable night creatures.Wonderful tree frogs catching flies. Shy caterpillars trying to hide. Little baby elephant playing with mother in the field.

This wonderful bedtime picture and story book also features deer, tiger, fox, a friendly large elephant, a shrewd jackal, singing crickets, colorful fruits , long cactus trees and so on.

Finally Owen learns two valuable lessons during an eventful night. His mom explains the power of gratefulness and the meaning of friendship.

The day is about to break . Owen feels tired but he is happy as he falls asleep in his mother’s lap.

” Owen the Owl’s Night Adventure” has beautiful rhymes and brilliant illustrations that will delight your child at bedtime. Moreover, your little one will learn some moral lessons.

Finally, there is a majestic and surprise bonus for your little child in the last page. Enjoy!


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