Witnesses and Troublemakers

| November 25, 2015


Witnesses and Troublemakers

This is the fourth volume in a series called “Witnesses”. It consists of multiple narratives that all have to do with warfare and the aftermath of war.

The editor Stephanie Markham continues her search for framing narratives to accompany stories by the writer Paul Kingsley. She also keeps on with her campaign to end the influence of a noxious cult called the Scythians and its leader Bertram Hungerford, who has taken a shine to her. Along the way, she participates in two military operations against the Scythians. To complicate the challenges she takes on, one of Hungerford’s henchmen steals a part of her memoir and the stories she’s now editing and works on them himself.

“Witnesses and Troublemakers” also contains the story of Paul Kingsley and his family and their parallel troubles with Bertram Hungerford. The novel includes four of Kingsley’s stories about ordinary people coping with the traumas of war. The longest of them, which takes up more than a third of the book, tells the story of a 17th century war between natives and English colonists from the point of view of a native observer who came to dislike the man who led the assault on the English intruders.

All the stories in this novel show ordinary people coping the best they can with crisis situations and then telling about what they experienced and learned.


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