Secrets from the Ancient Paths: Your Bible has Treasures Waiting … and they’re Hidden in Plain Sight!

| November 26, 2015


Secrets from the Ancient Paths: Your Bible has Treasures Waiting ... and they're Hidden in Plain Sight!

Understanding some of the Bible’s most familiar stories is often just a short walk away. Travel down the “ancient paths” with author Andy Cook and you’ll discover insights that might very well stun you. Add vivid photography from Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, the “Gates of Hades,” and the valley where David beat Goliath and you’ve got an incredible treasure in “Secrets from the Ancient Paths!”

“… it rocked my world. The scriptures came alive and have a whole new meaning to me …”

Jewlz Rogers, small-group leader

“I have traveled the ancient paths of Israel many times, and know the priceless value of walking through the land of the Bible. Don’t miss the lessons these paths have for us. Treasure this book. You’re not only going to be delighted . . . you’re going to be changed!”

—Dr. Johnny Hunt, past president, Southern Baptist Convention

“It’s the next best thing to being there …”

—Dr. J Robert White, executive director, Georgia Baptist Convention

“Andy Cook is an amazing pastor/teacher who is passionate for Jerusalem. He loves to talk and teach about Jewish history, bringing the Old and New Testaments together for the complete Word of God!”

—Robert D’Andrea, president, Christian Television Network


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