White Rabbit

| November 27, 2015


White Rabbit

When Alice followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, a whole new world opened up for her. For W.R., however, it is the only home he has ever known. He spends his time inventing things to improve the lives of Wonderland’s citizens and making frequent trips through the rabbit hole to Topside, where each trip lands him in a different time period. Nothing larger than the White Rabbit has ever made it down the rabbit hole without being ripped apart by cosmic forces, and no one in Wonderland—not even the Mad Hatter—would be crazy enough to attempt the trip Topside.

The pictures, books, cards and figurines W.R. returns with take on life on reaching Wonderland. Mary Ann was the exception. She evolved through W.R.’s fascination with the Device, an electronic trophy from a period in Topside’s 20th century. She was unstable from inception. Now her instability seems to be wreaking changes upon the land. W.R.’s favorite runner beans have failed to reappear on the vine after his last breakfast, as have the Walrus and the Carpenter’s sumptuous oysters. The Duke of Aquatain has suddenly acquired a newfound ambition that seems destined to place W.R. in the center of a royal coup that could cost him his head!

When a giant vortex appears on the edges of Wonderland, sucking up everything in its path, W.R. realizes Mary Ann has to be returned to the Device. Unfortunately, after his earlier, cataclysmic failure to stabilize her had her fleeing from him in fear, she is, understandably, reluctant to allow him near her. His search is hampered every step of the way by the machinations of the Duke and the idle whims of the Queen of Hearts. Upsetting either one of them could spell a very nasty end for W.R., but if he cannot capture Mary Ann, Wonderland could cease to exist.

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