Redbud: A Dog Lady Mystery (Book 1)

| June 5, 2016


In Redbud, the first Dog Lady Mystery, Judy Barnes, untethered after the tragic death of both her husband and baby, decides to run from her own past and present to research the distant past of ancestors who settled near Redbud, Nebraska. Once there, Judy finds a place to stay with Audrey Nevins, founder of the Redbud Area Dog Rescue. Judy, who is not a dog person, is soon waking up with half a dozen dogs on her bed. She’s bathing dogs, mopping floors, writing about dogs, swimming with dogs and learning all about rescuing dogs and finding them new homes. She also soon meets the county historian, who is also the police chief. Then life in Redbud turns sinister after Judy stumbles onto a dead body and then learns of other mysterious deaths. As the danger increases, Audrey may know the name of the killer, but Judy believes she will find a clue to the motive in the distant lives of her ancestors. For that, she needs the help of a 110-year-old man.
Rosebud is also a story of loss and recovery. Redbud has helped heal other broken souls. Will it now help Judy face her own past?

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