Charmer’s Death (Temptation in Florence)

| May 15, 2013


Charmer's Death (Temptation in Florence)

What do you do when your best customer seduces your beautiful cousin? You try to save the situation, but it becomes a little harder than planned when he’s found strangled with a pair of brand new pantyhose that come straight from your own store Temptation – the most luxurious lingerie store in Florence, Italy.

Next, a disturbing diary crops up that lists the former lovers of the dead man, creating chaos in more than one home. Carlina has her hands full with managing her store at its peak season, preparing the Christmas fair, and dodging her mother, who has discovered fortune telling as the next big thing. Her feelings for the attractive Inspector Garini don’t help at all as she desperately tries to find the murderer before it’s too late.

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