Royal Love

| November 29, 2015


Romance: Royal Love - A Romance Novella and Love Story: (Romance, Love Romance, Mystery Romance, Romance Suspense)


Lara is an American journalist who goes to Portugal to report on a major oil spill. During her assignment, she gets an opportunity to meet Prince Horace of Portugal. The Prince is impressed by Lara, and they both fall in love with each other.

Prince Horace’s mother, the Queen, gets wind of Lara’s love affair with her son, and summons Lara to the Palace. The Queen demands that Lara put an end to her fling with the Prince, and also informs her that Horace is betrothed to the Princess of Switzerland, royalty like him.

Devastated, Lara shares her heartache with her best friend back in the States, and they both conclude that Lara’s fairy tale had to come to an end. However, Lara discovers that Prince Horace truly loves her, and refuses to let go of her. This leaves Lara wondering whether she is worth the sacrifice that the Prince wants to make, because marrying outside royalty would disqualify Horace from becoming the next King.

Will the Prince give up his claim to the throne for Lara? Or will he put his beloved country before love?


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