Bourbon & Blondes: Vintage Noir & Pulp

| November 30, 2015


Bourbon & Blondes: Vintage Noir & Pulp

If Raymond Carver or Charles Bukowski wrote noir and pulp, this would be it …

Minimalist in approach but long on mood and atmosphere, this first entry in ‘The Ladies of Liquor’ series is a boozy mix of old-school pulp, shadowy noir and hard-boiled double-crosses.

Writer Anthony Venutolo delivers a collection of nearly 50 flash fictions and short stories that splatter onto the page at 90 proof. From the deserted bus stations of Route 66 to the smoky, neon-tinged jazz dives of the big cities, these wanton tales of longing introduce us to desperate vixens on the fringe and those shifty men that drove them there.

Get your shot glass ready because in this retro world, showgirls, drifters, barmaids and thieves have one thing in common — they’re all painted on a seedy canvas drenched in a hearty barrel of Kentucky’s finest nectar.

~ Bottoms up…


“In 1-2 page meteoric, magnesium-burning, retina-blinding flashes, Anthony Venutolo, in his ‘Bourbon & Blondes,’ may be writing a fiction of the future that is technically, and decidedly, not science fiction. Part short story, borderline poetry, these ‘flash fictions,’ as Venutolo calls them, are quite possibly, with the imminent death of the moribund novel, the future of literature where everything’ll be read on a smart phone or tablet. But don’t let this ‘modern’ format deter you from discovering these charmingly retro pieces that borrow heavily from film noir, detective fiction, Jorge Luis Borges and Bukowski a little (natch). Drolly funny, surreally pithy, they may herald, if Venutolo decides to stretch his considerable wings into the longer form, a unique, personal voice that has the timbre and dispassionate worldview of the hardboiled private eye novel, hearkening back, even as it speeds headlong and tangle-footed into the future, to a now bygone past.”

— Rex Pickett, ‘Sideways’ and ‘Vertical’

BIO: Anthony Venutolo has won five critical writing awards from the New Jersey Press Association and has appeared in such publications as Bikini, Details, POV and Playboy Online. He’s also written columns for the gambling magazines Chance, Casino Player and Strictly Slots.

Online his flash fiction and poems have appeared at Zygote in My Coffee, Red Fez, Deuce Coupe, Gutter Eloquence, Shoots and Vines, Six Sentences and is a Revolutionary Voice at the site Drunken Absurdity.

The former features editor at The Star-Ledger, is now a member of the Digital Operations team for the New Jersey Advance Media Group and his first book Front Page Palooka was released in October, 2013 as part of the FIGHT CARD book series. It was nominated for three New Pulp Awards including Best Novella, Best New Writer and Best New Character.

His web site is at and he blogs from Bukowski’s Basement.


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