Babytrick (The detroit im dyin Trilogy Book 3)

| December 1, 2015


Babytrick (The detroit im dyin Trilogy Book 3)

Camie at 14 is a wild Detroit street girl on the run from an abusive suburban home. In the underbelly parlance of Motown, she is a babytrick and ready to do anything to survive.

Ella is a beautiful black attorney and former cop, who finds herself accused of the murder of a wealthy businessman she used to date. What do these two very different female protagonists have in common in this fast-moving noir tale? More than you might ever imagine.

When they meet through Mark, a Rolling Stone free-lancer in town to write about Coleman Young’s final term as Detroit’s first black mayor, all three become the target of a vicious ghetto hitman and his brother. Ingeniously plotted and written with verve and dash, this third dark urban crime thiller in The detroit im dying Trilogy will keep you guessing until its final line.

What reviewers are saying about T.V. LoCicero’s Detroit novels…

“If you like Elmore Leonard, you’ll love these books.”–Victoria Best, Tales from the Reading Room

“I have never met this author, have not given birth to him or any of his children. This is a solid and true fangirl review of a truly fabulous work.”–Tammy Dewhirst,

“LoCicero’s bio says he’s been writing across five decades, and you know what? It shows. It really does. The style is impeccable.”–Bridget Kulakauskas,


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