Little Darling And The Fuzzwells

| December 2, 2015


An Illustrated Bedtime Story For Children: Little Darling And The Fuzzwells (Friendship, Fun, Ages 4-8, Animal Stories, Short Stories for Kids, Kids Books, Children's Books)

‘Little Darling and The Fuzzwells’ is a delightful illustrated children’s story about loss, love and kindness. Little Darling is a dear little dog who finds herself in the lost dogs home, feeling very sad and lonely.

The Fuzzwells are a loving family that have recently had to deal with the death of their old dog ‘Kalalapy’ and the sadness of ‘LD’ their other dog who misses Kalalapy more than anyone.

How Little Darling and The Fuzzwells find each other is a heart-warming story the whole family can enjoy.


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