An Inconsequential Misfit

| December 2, 2015


An Inconsequential Misfit

Born in a world of shape-shifters who call themselves Morphos, Aria knows all there is to know about being a misfit.

She is one herself; the only gullible Unicorn in the division full of powerful Morphos, who are unable to accept her as one of them.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get worse, it does.

Blindsided and abducted by someone whom she considered a friend, Aria finds herself in the heart of the Ministry. A ministry made up entirely of magicians and surrounded by an enchanted village hidden from the eyes of Morphos. The Minister, Ray Oberoy, is charismatic, powerful and confusing. He is also engaged to the gorgeous daughter of the Minister of Valhaven. Aria quickly loses her heart to this golden-eyed, sleek-jawed Greek God, who seems to be disinterested in her. He just wants one thing from her: to save Swift, the division of which she’s a resident and he’s the Minister.

Aria learns that her whole life has been a lie. She is a creature of heaven and the only one who could kill a demon that has been summoned from hell; a creature if not halted threatened the very existence of Swift.


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