The Goose That Survived Christmas

| December 2, 2015


The Goose That Survived Christmas

Griselda can’t understand why so many of her barnyard animal friends seem to disappear at Christmas time.

Unable to read the sign next to the Christmas tree in the farmyard, Griselda sets out on an adventure to discover what it says. She is convinced that it has something to do with the disappearance of some of the chickens and turkeys, and even some of the geese she knows so well.

The Goose That Survived Christmas is a lovingly told children’s Christmas story with pictures. It will delight and inspire children ages 4-8, and many others besides.

Follow Griselda as she makes her way around the farm asking all her friends for help.

Griselda is a very intelligent bird, as geese tend to be. But it’s just as well that she’s able to ask for help and that one particular friend is able to solve the mystery for her.

See how the mystery is solved by reading The Goose That Survived Christmas.


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