Conspirators of the Lost Sock Army and the Loose Change Collection Agency

| December 3, 2015


Conspirators of the Lost Sock Army and the Loose Change Collection Agency




“Fun story and wonderful illustrations! Surprisingly, as I thought of this as a child’s story, I really enjoyed the book. I knew I was young at heart….” — 5-Star Amazon Review

“Was I dreaming? I would have LOVED this book as a child. I was pleasantly surprised by how well written it is, as well as how intriguing the story turned out to be. It is a very cleverly done story about an old man, a leprechaun and a little beast that organizes lost socks into an army. The illustrations are really cool…black and white sketches….” — 5-Star Amazon Review

“CONSPIRATORS OF THE LOST SOCK ARMY AND THE LOOSE CHANGE COLLECTION AGENCY is a delightful story for children of all ages! I loved the illustrations as they really brought the story to life….” — 5-Star Amazon Review

Have you ever wondered where your loose change went? The missing sock that disappears without a trace: where could it be? Robert has seen it all. He spends his days watching awful daytime television and taking extended naps on his plush couch. One day, a strange little man appears beneath his couch, a leprechaun named Colin. Together, they hatch a plan to reclaim Colin’s lost fortune and defeat an army of lost socks and an evil gremlin.

Carefully illustrated by the talented Steve Ferchaud, it reminds us that you’re never too old to have one more adventure. Loved by adults and children, this illustrated fairy tale is meant to be read aloud.

“I can easily recommend this book to anyone that enjoys fairy tales and adventures. If you have kids or grandkids, this is a great book to read to them….” — 5-Star Amazon Review

“This is a short story which is very well written and illustrated. It really hooked me from the start….” — 5-Star Amazon Review

“A children’s story even adults will enjoy!” — 5-Star Amazon Review


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