Divine Fury (An Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller Book 2)

| December 3, 2015


Divine Fury (An Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller Book 2)

Guns, bombs, love and politics! An Enzo Lee mystery thriller from a Pulitzer Prize-winning author!

***** “The story is breathtaking…a fascinating and fast-paced mystery/thriller.” – Kindle Book Review

Reporter Enzo Lee is once again churning out feature fluff for the San Francisco News. He likes his North Beach apartment, steps away from his Chinatown roots. He’s content with a life that includes a budding romance as well as dining and jogging his way through San Francisco’s picturesque neighborhoods

Then, he is assigned to cover a mysterious murder and a San Francisco politician’s historic attempt to become California’s governor. He starts to uncover a campaign of computer spying and political sabotage that turns lethal. Meanwhile, a troubled war veteran armed with guns and explosives begins a violent journey from small-town Montana to the City by the Bay.

When Lee becomes a target himself he must dodge attempts on his own life while trying to expose the conspiracy and, with the help of police allies, foil an assassination plot.

A page-turning thriller with suspense, action, romance and enough twists to keep the reader guessing. Divine Fury is the second novel in the Enzo Lee Mystery-Thriller Series, following the best-selling Project Moses – an Amazon Top 20 Mystery.

By Pultizer Prize-winning author Robert B. Lowe

“…well-written, suspenseful, gripping…” – Stephen Woodfin, author of Last One Chosen.

“A must read for any mystery lover!” – xxreaderxx

“Divine Fury was engaging, gripping, and hard to put down, a perfect read for my trip.”-S.C.Everly


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