The Cave Maze: Wizard Warrior Quest

| February 28, 2016


He was only eight when a bloodied sorcerer tutored him on the perils of questing in the Cave Maze…
…The craving to enter has tormented ever since.

The Wizard Talhoffer stocked the underground labyrinth with a murderous assortment of beasts, traps, gold, and personal magic items worth dying for. And treasure hunters did die for them.

Not Raff Jenkins. He planned to survive.

After losing the scholarship for the questing university, sword whiz Raff takes drastic measures to earn tuition. With the help of his hustling cousin Dread and a party of rag-tag locals…he heads into the maze as a newbie. What he discovers inside is more than just treasure, bloodthirsty hags, or crotch-masticating hellhounds – he learns that a link to his past is tied to the fate of his kingdom.

Will he return in time to pay off the death-threats awaiting him at home? Will he return at all?

This Kindle version of The Cave Maze includes, The Labyrinth of Fear, the first in an original maze activity series by grand labyrinth designer Master of the Playing Cards, whose mastery of maze design inspired a powerful, and puzzling activity to be included with this edition.

“Soon to be a major motion picture?” -Robert Woodhead, creator of the Wizardry series of role-playing video games.

“One thing I was not expecting was the lovely illustrations! …the ones in here are beautiful sketches.”-Raffey Cassidy Review.

“You’ll be amazed! A fantasy adventure book of sword and sorcery. Characters range from thief’s, fighters, and magic users to succubi, brownies, and elves. Slay monsters and gain the treasure!” -John Palmer, creator of Fantastic Science Fantasy Adventures.

“The plot in itself stands out mainly because there are no princesses to save… its get rich or die trying. If you liked The Dungeoneers you will like this.” -For Boozes AU, Amazon Australia.

Who will survive the Maze? Death over/under lines now posted…

LAIS DIJON TAVERN: Odds on party’s entering the Cave Maze:

  • Team: Gabbiano – Death Over/Under: 6 (21-Entering)
    No team lead by Gabbiano has lost more then 6.
    Map Level: 10/10 (Said to contain shortcuts deep into the Maze.)
    Key personnel: Castello Gabbiano (Fighter)
  • Team: Rettingham – Death Over/Under: 6 (20-Entering)
    This run’s team features five magic users.
    Map Level: 8/10 (Passed down through generations of Sandby)
    Key personnel: Percy Sandby (Fighter)
  • Team: Greensludge – Death Over/Under: 3 (7-Entering)
    Captain Greensludge vows to take this team deep.
    Map Level: 6/10 (This patchwork map could yield unexpected gain.)
    Key personnel: Pleiades Greensludge (Fighter)
  • Team: Beeston – Death Over/Under: 4 (6-Entering)
    Five of this teams six members are amateurs.
    Map Level: 0/10 (House Map)
    Key personnel: Raff Orcslaughter (Fighter)
  • Team: O’Grady – Death Over/Under: 6 (21-Entering)
    Last run in lost 4/20, the previous 4/20.
    Map Level: 9/10 (Said to contain routing to gold depositories.)
    Key personnel: Finnegas O’Grady (Fighter)
  • Team: Questiarum University – Death Over/Under: 8 (23-Entering)
    Team is a mixed bag of veterans, and amateurs.
    Map Level: 7/10 (Easy access to the gold rich southwest region.)
    Key personnel: Tatlen Hall (Fighter)

Odds subject to change.

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