Teaching Monsters.(Rhyming Books for Children) (My Monsters)

| May 16, 2013


Teaching Monsters.(Rhyming Books for Children) (My Monsters)

Rhyming Book for Children. Vol.2 of “My Monsters” series.

This wonderful story reminds children that the monsters that come out at night are not really scary. In fact, they are there to help teach valuable lessons about life.

There is the Hearing Monster who is covered with ears that teaches children how to take time to listen to their parents.

The School Monster who shows why school is the cool place to be.

The Vegetable Monster, the Rules Monster and finally the biggest Monster of them all, the Friend Monster are all part of this wonderful tale that is told in loving fashion.

The lesson behind this rhyming book is how the monsters we may see at night are mere reflections of the fears children have in their own day to day lives.

The author shows real insight into the mind of a child and manages to translate what children see as scary to the fears they actually have in their mind.

While the very little ones might not fully understand the connection at first, the delightful way this story is told will surely entertain them until they do realize that what goes bump in the night means more than just what’s in their room.


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