Escape from Zandell (GodSword Chronicles Book 1)

| December 4, 2015


Escape from Zandell (GodSword Chronicles Book 0)

Hankley is a brown-robed servant of the Inner Realm God. His job is to discover why the wall is stuck, and his viewing screen is set to the Kingdom of Zandell. His god has warned him not to interfere with the goings on of humans, no matter what world they inhabit. But Hankley loves the people of Zandell and more especially the royal family. He knows the queen is up to no good.

Eva is married to Prince Micah and she is carrying their first child, a baby she must protect in her battle against her own frailties and a power mad queen in an effort to bring her unborn child through betrayal and deceit into a safe world.

Escape from Zandell is a prequel fantasy novella of approx 37,000-words.


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