Hello Once Again (Short and Sweet Romance Book 1)

| December 6, 2015


Hello Once Again (Short and Sweet Romance Book 1)

Chris Walker is the CEO of 6apps, a web apps development company. He is reclusive, handsome and successful. 12 years ago, he walked away from a possible romance with a young girl who caused his heart to beat wild. Now that he sees her again, is he able to push away the inhibitions that have kept him away from her all those years ago?

When Natalie Scott was 16 years old, she used to be shy and quietly nursed a huge crush on Chris. When he left town 12 years ago, her heart was broken. Now working as a magazine writer, she is sent to interview him and to request him to do a photo shoot. Is she able to convince him that she is all grown up and the woman he’s been waiting for?


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