The Sentient Collector (The Sentient Trilogy Book 1)

| December 7, 2015


The Sentient Collector (The Sentient Trilogy Book 1)

A brand new Sci-Fi story from the writer of TRANSITORY

The Sentient Collector

In 2058 everything and everyone is connected. THEY ARE VULNERABLE. An EVIL intelligence lurks deep within the SIMOVA network, waiting for its time to strike. Only a few know it even exists. They will not risk others knowing.

Once it begins, it cannot be stopped. Only one man can try. He is called THE SENTIENT COLLECTOR. Unfortunately, most think he is but a myth. Proving he is not could make the difference between war and peace.

Follow GRAHAM, PHOENIX and KRISTOF as they are each dragged into a PLOT that threatens their entire city. Three characters from very different walks of life are brought crashing together in a thrilling battle of will against a seemingly insurmountable enemy. Will they stop it, or DIE trying?

For an extra twist The Sentient Collector starts where many other stories end. It tells the story that comes years after the world’s first AI is created and then lost in highly suspicious circumstances.

>>>Do you like Sci-Fi with twists, turns and a great plot?

The Sentient Collector will SURPRISE and ENTERTAIN. Think you know what’s going to happen? Think again!

>>>The Sentient Collector is book 1 of The Sentient Trilogy

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