Only Time Will Tell

| December 8, 2015


Romantic Thriller: Only Time Will Tell - A Romantic Suspense and Romantic Mystery Book: (Thriller Romance, Suspense, Mystery Romance, Suspense Romance)


An unknown woman is murdered and detectives Pierce Carson, Chelsea Madden and a new recruit, Dean Weston, are assigned to the case. Their search for the killer leads to several dead ends and a suspected drug connection as more people are killed. In the process of helping to solve the first murder and those that follow, Chelsea realizes that she is walking a very thin line between personal revenge and professional responsibility. She too has suffered at the hands of murderers who brutally snuffed out the life of her parents, giving her a reason to join the police force.

To complicate matters, she finds herself attracted to Dean, about whom she knows very little, only that he was an undercover agent elsewhere. Normally a loner, she finds him easy to talk to as she unburdens herself of a past that she had kept secret for years. As the case becomes more complicated and passions are stirred, questions arise about a mole in the force and Dean is on the list of possible suspects. Chelsea is torn between trust and doubt, fear and love, and her desire for revenge and letting the law take its course.

The strands of the plot become intertwined with unexpected twists and turns, and Chelsea finds herself caught in a life and death struggle from a most unexpected quarter. Only time will tell whether she survives to right the wrong or to find a new direction for her life.


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