99 Facts About Farts: The Ultimate Fun Fact Book

| December 9, 2015


99 Facts About Farts: The Ultimate Fun Fact Book

99 amazing, awesome, fascinating and hilarious facts about farts!

– A fun book to keep the kids (and rest of the family) entertained.

We all do it! It’s a fact. And there are so many more facts about farting you probably don’t know. Here’s the book that will astonish, amaze and not at least give you a good laugh!

This book covers (almost) everything! From how many farts it would take to send a space shuttle into orbit, you will learn about the most notorious farters of all (no, it’s not your brother) and the first Disney figure to fart, to record holders and occupational farters.

– The facts are organised in easy to find chapters.

99 Facts About Farts is an easy to read astonishing book of facts for children and everyone else finding themselves wanting to explore more about this fun and smelly gas we all produce.


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