Simplicity: Finding Freedom From The Inside Out

| December 9, 2015


Simplicity: Finding Freedom From The Inside Out

If you’re like most people, you’re much busier and much more stressed than you want to be. You may even feel like you have little to no control over your life. You dream of a living a simpler, quieter life.

This book will help you in several ways by leading you down the path toward true simplicity. How do you find this?

Simple living does not start with an act or a decision. If a person endeavors to make outward changes without making the corresponding inward change, eventually her life will revert to what it was before. A decluttered closet will be filled to the brim within a few months.

Simple living starts with a new perspective – about life and living, about culture and choices. This book encourages you to step back, look at your dreams and your reality, get to know yourself on a deep level…so that you can know what simplicity is for you.

Simplicity begins on the inside, and eventually manifests itself on the outside – in everyday words, thoughts, and actions.

So this book consists of two parts. The first part is education. Seeds are sown when new information is received. The first part of the book is going to cover a variety of modern-day issues that tend to oppress personal freedom and hinder sustainable lifestyle choices.

The second part of the book gets into the Template of Simple Living, where you create your own meaning and vision of a simple life.



Mac: “Very good philosophies for living at peace with yourself and others.”

Deborah: “I hope to see more books from you, Emily. Thank you and bless you for this one.”


If you are searching for:

**Greater personal freedom,

**Less stress, and

**More happiness and fulfillment,

This book will help you. Guaranteed. Happy simplicity. 🙂


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