Nazrae (Part 1)

| December 10, 2015


Nazrae (Part 1)

The North Pole, Santa, and sleigh-pulling reindeer are all fictitious pieces of a colorful fairytale—or at least that’s what Remi, a bashful teenage girl from Vermont, believes until she discovers Mark, her new crush, is a Christmas elf from Nazrae—or the North Pole to most. After Remi and Mark play the ever-awkward game of he loves me, he loves me not, he finally gets the courage to ask Remi to join him in Nazrae. While the whimsical village with its cheery elves and unheard-of Christmas traditions is extraordinary, it’s not as merry and bright as the tales tell.

On Remi’s first trip to Nazrae, she finds the turmoil in the city mainly stems from one of the six Nazraen families—the Pinecrests. Greed and power spurs their need to dismiss traditions and remove the current Santa from his post. Remi is forced to balance her new love life with a whole new level of holiday drama.

With Christmas quickly approaching, will the snowflakes settle before the reindeer fly?


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