Life Experience Millionaire: The 6-Step Guide to Profiting from What You Know + Love

| December 13, 2015


Life Experience Millionaire: The 6-Step Guide to Profiting from What You Know + Love

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make a living out of your passion? Have you ever hoped to help others by sharing the life experiences that you have already had? Have you ever desired to create a fulfilling career teaching skills you’ve curated throughout your life to others?

If so, then Life Experience Millionaire was written for you!

Life Experience Millionaire is the practical guide that will show you lifestyle entrepreneur Bailey Richert’s 6-step process to starting a successful infopreneur business – one in which you can leverage the life experience and knowledge you already have to share your message with the world, generate real income and achieve your ideal lifestyle goals!

From choosing your specific niche to crafting a singular message and exploring the 8 major revenue streams infopreneurs employ, Life Experience Millionaire will walk you through the actions you need to take to launch a profitable business sharing your message through informational products (such as books, courses and coaching) which can turn you into a well-respected expert in your chosen field.

In this book, MIT-educated lifestyle entrepreneur Bailey Richert shares her 6-step process for starting an infopreneur business from scratch. This includes:

1) Choosing a niche based on your ideal customer profile,

2) Defining your business’ singular message using your life experience,

3) Crafting your brand from your own personality’s best characteristics,

4) Building a platform to share free content to earn customers’ trust,

5) Creating revenue streams using popular online tools,

6) Developing a sales funnel to automate marketing and attract more business.

If you’ve been considering starting an online business sharing your knowledge and teaching your skills to others through digital informational products but have no idea where to start or how to set yourself up for success, this book will set you on the right path!


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